Epoxy Bar Tops | Communal Table Tops


We at Eash have been in the business of making epoxy bar tops for generations. All our products that leave our facility are set to high quality standards to ensure you, as the customer, receive the best product possible. Helping provide a product to you, that can stand the test of time and the abuse of high traffic environments will provide you with the peace of mind that your bar top or table top will hold up for many years to come.

We have produced custom bar tops for customers all over the United States. We have a large customer base from ‘mom and pop’ shops, to government institutions, all the way to professional basketball teams. Our products allow us to customize your bar in ways never thought of before, such as the back-lighting of a marble surface, that is virtually impossible to detect when turned off.


Bring People Together!

Communal tops are an excellent way to bring strangers, family or friends, together for an unforgettable dining experience!