We have an extensive range of capabilities and equipment. A few pieces of the equipment are identified below. We are constantly prototyping new products and adding to our equipment capabilities. 


Our printing and plotting capabilities allow for very unique design work to be included in your project. Using the latest technology and with 60” wide printing/cutting capabilities we can work with many substrates including fabrics, vinyl, banner and many more.


Our CNC laser has a 2’x3’ cutting area and can cut up to 1” thick dependent on materials. With the capabilities to cut or etch wood, plastic, acrylic, rubber, neoprene, fabric and more the opportunities are endless.

The mesmerizing clear epoxy top coat is uniquely formulated to meet strict durability standards, yet non-toxic, non-flammable and non-yellowing; well suited for commercial, restaurant and residential applications.  Surfaces are very durable and scratch resistant; however, care should taken to protect against extreme heat;  hot plates, cups, skillets, etc. that may exceed 150 degrees.

CNC Routers

We commonly work with wood, plastic, acrylic, foam and light gauge aluminum to name a few. With the ability to cut, route, polish, bore and engrave we can add the most intriguing touches to your custom project. 


CNC Routing Services / Job Shop:

  - Boring, Cutting, Engraving & Routing

  - Any type of wood up to 5" thick

  - Quick turnaround / receive, rout and return

  - Accept Drawing files via e-mail

  - Drawing assistance available

5' x 12' cutting area,- X axis travel = 146", Y axis travel = 62", Z axis programmable travel = 11", 14" under bridge, 18 HP Fully programmable HSD router spindle. Aggregate head option for routing 4th axis and horizontal boring. 

We Have Recently Added a 5' x 20' 3-Axis Router!