Flawless Clear Epoxy Restaurant Tables, Bar Tops & Automotive / RV Products

Industry Pioneer Of Graphic Inlays Under Flawless Clear Epoxy Resins and Lacquer Finishes.

EASH Design is a product and service oriented company that strives on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to exceed our customer's expectation from the time we initiate a project to when the final product is delivered.

"We measure success through customer satisfaction!"

Restaurant Tables

Wood and custom inlays under clear epoxy; tables that match the look and feel of your restaurant.

Epoxy Bar Tops

Whatever size or shape, EASH has unique capabilities to deliver Your imagination!

RV / Automotive

Minibars, trays, consoles, dash kits for RV and limousine manufacturers / OEM.


Eash Design has an extensive range of capabilities and equipment...



High-gloss Epoxy Bar Tops, Restaurant Tables, Custom Booths. OEM Wood Trim and Dash Kits for Auto, RV, Bus and Marine.  Custom CNC and Laser Cutting Services.

We Quote Any Quantity!